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The Sonniss #Christmas Scavenger Hunt! 2016

How would you like to win $500 worth of high quality sound libraries from the indie sound community? Keep reading… We are running an online scavenger hunt! All you have to do to win is find an unopened cracker on one of our product pages.


The Sonniss #Christmas Wishlist!

We are running a special giveaway over at Sonniss at the moment as our way of giving back to the community. You might want to check it out when you get a minute spare. Simply head on over to our website and add a couple



Last month we announced a competition to win over $16,000 worth of sounds effects from our suppliers here at Sonniss… Many of you thought I was joking and didn’t think it was real. Some of you even questioned my sanity (and rightly so), however, now


[WIN] $10,000 Worth Of Sound Effects! (250GB+)

Get your hands on some high quality sound effects this month with our special indie sound library prize draw. Over 500GB of sound effects are up for grabs from some of the world’s leading sound recordists. ($16,000 in value). Everything we are giving away is


GDC is here and we have some special for you all…

We couldn’t make it to the game developers conference this year unfortunately, but wanted to do something special for the community. In celebration of #GDC2016, we have teamed-up with our suppliers to give you all 16GB+ of sound effects completely for free. Just head over

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DIY Home-Studio Acoustics 101

Home studios are great.  You can work remotely, and no one even knows you’re working in your bathrobe.  It’s super comfortable!   If you’re like me, you’ve moved a few times, and have had to tear down and rebuild your home studio several times.  Building


The Sonniss ‘Not-So-Secret’ Santa

I really wanted to do something different this year at Sonniss. I just wanted to give you all something as a sort of ‘thank you’. I wouldn’t have been able to get Sonniss to where it is without many of you, so this is my

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