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The Sonniss #Christmas Scavenger Hunt! 2016

How would you like to win $500 worth of high quality sound libraries from the indie sound community? Keep reading…


We are running an online scavenger hunt! All you have to do to win is find an unopened cracker on one of our product pages. (We have hidden 5 in total).


1) Signup for an account on Sonniss if you don’t already have one.
2) Open up the Sonniss product catalog and start your search!

Pretty simple, right?

## RULES (We don’t have many, but there are some!)

1) Only one cracker is redeemable per person. If you are lucky enough to find more than one, please disregard it and move along.

2) Don’t tell other people where the crackers are if you find one. This is a definite NO-NO! We will be watching.

3) Try not to open up 100+ pages at a time. The guys at our server company may be asleep right now. Not sure how the site will handle it, but let’s go! Hopefully it doesn’t crash :)

The hunt will end once all of the crackers have been found. We have hidden 5 in total and are giving away $2500 worth of sounds under a royalty-free single user license. Everything is commercially usable without attribution. Good luck and happy holidays to you all!


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