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[COMPETITION] – Win 200+ High-Quality Sound FX Libraries

A couple of weeks back I sent out an email to all of our suppliers asking them if they would allow me to give their libraries away for free in an upcoming competition I wanted to run for the community. Some of them said yes, some of them said no, and some of them thought I was a little crazy… Go figure.


After many back and forth conversations, we now have over $8000 worth of sound libraries to give away (204 in total containing nearly 200GB of files) – all royalty-free with commercial usage rights.

Whoever wins this collection will be pretty much setup for the rest of their life. It contains everything you will ever need and has been recorded and designed by some of the worlds best sound designers and recordists.

OK. So how do you win?

Simply enter your details in the boxes provided and 2 lucky winners will be randomly selected in 30 days from now. Good luck! If you have any questions about this competition please email for more details.

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UPDATE: Markus Pursche / Mike Harford are the lucky winners. — We will be writing a blog post shortly.


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A special thanks goes out to all of the contributors for making this happen, without them none of this would be possible. 

SoundMorphMikkel Nielsen, Alexander Kopeikin, Giorgio Riolo, LibraryByEmptySea, Colin Anderson, Stephan Marche (Detunized), SoundBits (Saro Sahihi), Joe Griffin, WhatisValis, Kpow Audio, Julian Ray, Varazuvi, Mattia Cellotto, Glitchedtones, Beautiful Noise, Sound Ex Machina, Scott Koué Sound, SFXsource, Payam Tavakoli, 3maze, Russell Gorsky, Eiravaein Works, Resonant, Carlo Ascrizzi, Membrans, Unidentified Sound Object, Robert Cordova, Jakob Thiesen, 2496SoundEffects, Bob Serra, Original Sounds, Hzandbits, Mechanical Wave, Sampletraxx, Soundopolis, Noisecreations, Samuel JusticeJoshua Reinhardt.

12 thoughts on “[COMPETITION] – Win 200+ High-Quality Sound FX Libraries”

  1. jb says:

    Congratulations for the initiative!!!

  2. Vicki-Lee Alomes says:

    Hi there

    Unfortunately my email address via autofill or not is/are not being accepted by your online form. *drats*


  3. Jason says:

    This would blow my mind if I were to win this.

  4. Kurt Kassulke says:

    It would rock to win this sound FX package!

  5. Steve Lee says:

    …I’d still record something new every show if I won. ;-)

  6. sven jensen says:


  7. Bilge Kaan says:

    Probabbly I won’t win but the prize is just what we all need.

    Please consider to host a game jam with a prize like this.

  8. Robert says:

    Hey great there are great sounds inside :)

    How do you think about a purchasable complete-package, may for 4,000 or 5,000 USD?

  9. TheWraith517 says:

    Would be fun to get hold of these, ive not done much mixing due to the lack of samples that are genuinely royalty free.. would love to kick up some trailer music and upbeat stuff to embellish the hands on gear :D good luck to all :)

  10. Eneas says:

    Superb initiative !

  11. ritu bhardwaj says:

    i also wanted to contribute my sound collection because i also record heigh quality sounds, I wish i won, everyone wish same, but i hope to contribute mine with you all!

  12. Nathan says:

    Ah, this would be incredible!

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