About the Sound Effects Library

diffuse-city-box-sonnissDiffuse City is the unique urban ambience sound effects library you didn’t know you were missing. It captures the urban environment in its many forms… all based around the idea of diffuse ambience.

This SFX library is purpose-built for the times an environment needs to be felt, but not be distracting. Every track in Diffuse City was recorded with some sort of real life “filter” in mind; be it distance, elevation, time of day, physical material… Anything to provide the feeling of city life without the specificity of many urban ambience libraries. No distracting close car pass-bys or people talking; only great natural ambience beds.

Diffuse City was recorded in big cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural settings over a span of two years. It was largely recorded over very late nights when very few people were around. Occasionally, however, a car would pass by… a gun would go off… While these were edited out of the recordings, they are included as “extras” in the library. Perfect for adding some flavour to a moment that’s authentic to the environment it was recorded in.

There are 10 areas of focus in Diffuse City: Elevated City, Distant Highways, Underground City, Distant City, Under Bridges, City Rumble, Empty Parking Lots, Alleys, Industrial, and Window Contacts.

In addition to thorough metadata, each ambience in Diffuse City is embedded with markers highlighting unique moments that aren’t easily visible in a waveform. Software like Soundminer v4.5 and Reaper can display these markers, making it easy to identify distinct sonic moments in an otherwise nondescript waveform.

Number of Files: 116 High Quality WAVS (12.5+ Hrs)
Size Unpacked: 24.2 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Oktava MK-012 (MS) – DPA 4006 TL (AB) – Zoom H4n – Sound Devices 744t – Sound Devices 302
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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