About the Sound Effects Library

high_desert_hummingbirds_cover_500x500Get the stunningly detailed sounds of one of nature’s tiniest aerial acrobats flapping and fluttering in one of the quietest outdoor places in the continental United States.

-255 clean sounds of hummingbirds recorded in the resonant mountains of west Texas
-35 sounds of hummingbirds with other songbirds
-Humming, buzzing, popping, fluttering, and purring drones
-Wing slaps and wing contact movement
-Ferocious territorial dogfights
-Laser-like chirps
-Ultrasonic chirps up to 45kHz
-Wild vocalizations
-Swift fly-bys, whooshes, and dive bombs
-Multiple species with a variety of fundamental “hum” frequencies
-Categorized into high, mid, bass, and sub-bass hummingbirds
-Clips ranging from solo hummingbirds to six-bird feeding frenzies
-Microphones placed 6-8 inches from hummingbird feeder with flybys as close as 2-3 inches
-HD videos at 60 fps
-Demo music written by Kyle Laporte

Number of Files: 290 High Quality WAVS (30 min)
Size Unpacked: 2.15 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: -Sennheiser MKH 50/30 MS pair – Rycote AG MS Blimp – Sound Devices 702 – GoPro Hero4
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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