About the Sound Effects Library

Basic RGBLethal Energies is a versatile pack of variably designed sci-fi guns based on futuristic energy discharges of all types and volumes. As experienced game audio designers and huge fans of the sci-fi genre, we tried to create an ultimately self-contained sound library, using which you will not need to record or synthesise any additional sounds – they are all already included in this pack.

UPDATE – includes 65 new blaster shot layers for even more possible designs and 9 loopable force field SFX!

Lethal Energies includes:

Designed Weapons – Light, Medium and Heavy.

Construction Kit:

Aiming sounds, Blaster shots, Shot Punches, Electricity sounds, Foley sounds, Force Fields, Sensors, Servos, Transitions.

© Digital Rain Lab, 2015

digital rain lab

Number of Files: 1005 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 1.69 GB
Sample Rate: 48k/24-bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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