About the Sound Effects Library

Machine Emanation Sonnis ArtMachine Emanation is a contact microphone and drone sound effects library focused on machines. It contains multiple recordings and designed drones sourced from band saw to ceiling fan; table saw to dishwasher, thickness planer to paper shredder; bench grinder to refrigerator. Machines were recorded turning on and off, running, and at any available speeds.


Machine Emanation is built for sound design. Recorded at 192 kHz with Barcus Berry 4000 and JrF C-Series contact microphones; these high resolution recordings make for great unique sound design source material. High sample rates mean far more possibilities for stretching, bending, and manipulating these SFX into your next creation.

Also included are drones designed from each machine. Power tools and appliances are re-imagined as dark rumbling drones and unique atmospheres. A small glimpse of what can be created with Machine Emanation.

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