About the Sound Effects Library

MAFX005 IconMetal Atmosphere is a collection of contact microphone recordings of wire fences vibrating in the wind. The library consists of 29 recordings ranging from 1 minute to over 10 minutes in length. These have been recorded by taping JrF contact microphones to wire fences and other structures through which sound travels easily. Most of the sounds are made by the wind “playing” the wires as a huge stringed instrument, while a few others are recordings of submerged wooden fences. The tone is generally dark, even menacing, bringing desolate spaces to mind.

The sounds can be used as backgrounds even if they technically aren’t proper ambiences, as there is a certain degree of similarity between the two channels which creates a fake stereo field. About half of the files also include wind gusts and wind-specific dynamics which renders them easily identifiable as wind sounds, only with extra metal elements added. Additionally there are countless impacts, risers and swells included which can easily be cut out and used as spot effects. All files are recorded and mastered at 24/96 quality which makes them excellent sound design elements ripe for serious processing.

Number of Files: 29 High Quality WAVS (over 2 hours)
Size Unpacked: 4.3 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sound Devices 633. JrF contact microphones
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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