About the Sound Effects Library

Rocks Momentum

Rocks Momentum is a library containing over 1100 sounds of large rocks, stones, bricks, wood logs and different building materials impacting on different surfaces, rolling, being scraped one against the other and so on.

The library was recorded during two weeks spent in the Italian alps and an excursion in Inverness, Scotland.

All recordings were done without putting structures at risk or compromising paths. Defective construction materials were used for the recording of bricks, roofing tiles, cement blocks etc.

The collection also features a designed section which you can find in the preview samples in video and audio format.

Recording Locations:
Zicher Mountain – 1750 m – Italy
Moino Lakes – 1920 m – Italy
Vocogno – Italy – 900 m – Italy
Pianboglio Alp – 2000 m – Italy
Inverness – Scotland

Number of Files: 1100 High Quality Assets
Size Unpacked: 1.8 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz / 24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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